Thursday, January 20, 2011

3D Modeling of my Chevy Aveo

I've come to realize, it has once again been too long since my last post. While I have set things aside for previous posts, they never managed to happen. So this post I will dedicated to my current 3D modeling project. Which I have actually been working on and off now for about 8 months (amongst many other projects), much more steadily recently however because I want to get this project done and on my demo reel

Today I also plan to update the galleries on my website as they desperately need to be updated. I am not a webmaster and I don't know all the coding that goes behind decent websites so I built my website using a Dreamweaver trial version. While I got it all done in time... I am unable to update it because the trial is now over. And while many other people would just pirate the software and do what they need, I have a strong aversion to using pirated software. All of the programs I have on my computer are bought and paid for.... yes the CS5 Production Premium that I have on my computer, I paid an arm and a leg for, but it's legally mine! And the Autodesk Maya and Renderman I have a year license, bought and paid for. Unfortunately Dreamweaver was not included in that package... and after spending $1600 on the CS5 Production package I just didn't have another $400 to spend.

Anyway the point is that today instead of working on my 3D Aveo model, I am going to attempt to stumble my way through updating my website via the coding! This shall be a fun attempt.

Ok so on to the reason I'm actually making this post, to show my current modeling progress on my Chevy Aveo. I chose my car because I love it for one, and it's right outside my window for me to pear out at while working. Here are some pictures of my little car that I love so much! This is actually the second one I've owned, my first one got destroyed in a tornado that hit my home in 2008.

I'm a long way from done but here is the progress so far.

These two images aren't the same, one is smoothed and one is not, click on them and you'll see the difference.

And as you can see the back is so not even close to finished... it's not even started!

And so that's all I have to show you for now. I want to have this done, UVed, textured and up on my demo reel within the next couple of weeks... that is the hope anyway.


  1. That's very thorough. I can't imagine how much time you spend each day doing that! Did you just use Autodesk to do that?

    - Tyra Shortino

    1. I did use Maya Autodesk! It was a good project and honestly I probably spend way more time on it then I really needed to but I find that's quite true of a lot of 3D projects. They're never really "done"

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