Monday, May 20, 2013

Russian Churches and Medal of Honor

Nothing like waiting a whole year to make a new post!  Wow life got crazy busy since the last time I posted here.  Since my last post I worked at Electronic Arts - Danger Close Games on two AAA video games.  Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.  I also happen to get married to the most amazing man in my life!  Needless to say between work, dating him and preparing for a wedding there wasn't a whole lot of time for blog posts!

I'll get straight to the point.  While I was at Electronic Arts I worked as an Background Artist on the Environment team.  However I was a bit of a liason between the Lighting Department and the Environment Department; I was the Enlighten mesh Queen.  Some of you reading this may know what an enlighten mesh even is is and some of you may not.  What I will say is that everything I worked on at EA, unfortunatly isn't seen front and center at all in the video games I worked on.  Everything I did was more behind the scenes to make the lighting read correctly on the buildings.  The problem with this is I don't have a whole lot to show on my portfolio as far as Environment Art goes from my 10 months at EA.  And most everything on my modeling reel are characters.  I need more Environment Art - especially since I've been looking for an Environment Art position at a gaming stutio!

So I the first project I started working on after my contracted ended at EA is a Russian Orthadox Church.  I've just finished modeling it in Maya and I'm about to bring it into Zbrush for texture and color.  I can't believe it's been a year since I've moved around in Zbrush.  Hoping to never let that happen again.

Right now I simply have Maya screen shots of the Russian Church to post.  Once I get more into the texturing side of it I'll have some Zbrush stuff to post.  And hopefully I'll get this done fairly quickly and have it on my reel soon.  After that I think I'm going to revisit an old project I never completely finished.  My Hummingbird.  The Maya modeling is pretty much finished on it, I need to check out the UVs and then bring it into Zbrush and have some fun on the texturing.  After that I might revisit my Chevy Aveo and cleanup a lot of that typology (it needs help).

And here is a picture from the wedding just for fun.  If you're curious and want to see all the pictures the photographer's album of our wedding, the password is Irvine.  You can find our amazing photographer at his website: The Brides and The Bees