Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Red Panda model

I'm working on a project that originally got started while I was still at Ringling. It was my final project there; a small little project that could be whatever we wanted it to be. The intent was to pad our demo reels more. I chose to model a character that I designed my junior year as a possible thesis character. The story that she was designed for never passed, however I always loved her character design and just thought she was the cutest little thing. She is a red panda girl scout.

Here is a picture of the original character turn around. Click on it to enlarge. There is also a copy of the turnaround on my website without the watermark all over it.

Even though school was finished and the project got turned in, there was still a ton of things I wanted to do with her model before I put it on my demo reel. So I started working on her yesterday. She still needs all of the patches on her vest and I am going to UV her. Once I get her UVed I will put her into Mudbox and have a run at her. I'm quite excited about this because I've never really had an opportunity to play with Mudbox.

I've been putting off doing anything in Mudbox and anything with texture because I haven't had a wacom pen since the end of school. Mine was stolen during senior render week. I rented one from the college, however that had to get turned back in at the end of school. So since then I've had a wacom tablet and no pen. The tablet mouse just doesn't cut it because there is no pressure sensitivity.

However, I am super excited to report that last night we purchased a Wacom4 wireless tablet package. It shipped today and I'm hoping beyond hope that it arrives this week - which probably means Saturday (crossing fingers). Once again I can do a whole bunch of different things digitally that I was not able to do without the pen. I can do digital paintings again! I am super happy about this.

So in the meantime I want to get her all setup and ready for Mudbox. I'll post an update once I have a chance to play with her in Mudbox!

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