Friday, August 20, 2010

Monkey see monkey tattoo

This one is a quick post. So my friend Michelle asked me to draw out a tattoo for her of some monkeys. The description goes as follows:
2 to 3 inches tall, one monkey that is white with a cream face and the other monkey that is light brown with a cream face. The white monkey sitting on a branch with the tail hanging down. The body profile and looking forward. The light brown monkey swinging below slightly forward while also facing forward. Lots off leaves and branches and such surrounding them.
After much procrastination I finally got a decent sketch ready for her. I wanted to take the image into Corel or Photoshop and clean it up and then perhaps do a colorful leafy background or whatever. However, since I haven't had a wacom pen (that's really the reason I procrastinated so long on it) I wasn't able to do that. So I hand inked the image so the tattoo artist would have something to work with and then s/he could take it from there and I turned it over to Michelle. I'm going to post what I gave to Michelle and then later (once my new wacom intous4 arrives) I will post the digital painting I do with this image. It'll be too late to get the final image tattooed on Michelle as I'm sure she's already gone to her tattoo artist for the final design. However it'll be a fun little project to do in my spare time.

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